The Battle of Waterloo: British, KGL & Hanoverian Regiments 10 mm Scale Miniature Flags (TBW-04A download version)

The Battle of Waterloo - for Metal Miniature Collectors and Wargamers
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"The Battle of Waterloo: British, KGL & Hanoverian Regiments 10 mm Scale Miniature Flags" eBook, is specifically designed for collectors and wargamers who require accurate, detailed flags, for Wellington's British, King's German Legion and Hanoverian units that fought at Waterloo on June 18th, 1815.

 This unique set features 150+ miniature flags that are designed and arranged to be printed onto paper, cut out with scissors, and then glued to metal miniatures. All the flags have been sized to fit 10 mm scale figures, and have been measured to fit the 10 mm Pendraken range.


* Historically accurate flags for all the British and KGL infantry & cavalry regiments, including both the King's and regimental colours.

* Original recreations of flags for all Hanoverian regiments, based on conjecture, generic details and some creative licence.

* Natural-looking folds and creases for each flag.

If your aim is to paint, collect or wargame Wellington's British, KGL and Hanoverian regiments in 10 mm scale, and you want a complete and realistic selection of flags to pick from that you can print out for yourself, this selection is ideal.

"Very good quality product. Really nice professionally made set of flags. Came with notes about the flags, which was a nice touch." - Richard, Dalkeith, United Kingdom


This is a 9-page digital download PDF product.

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